Price Portal

The Grain Market portal is an online live price discovery system. Access via your office computer through your Internet browser or via your mobile smart phone or tablet.

At this stage it is available for WA clients only. It has two components.

The web portal allows you to:

  • Live pricing.
  • Customise the prices you are interested in – any commodity, any port zone, any grade.
  • Set targets on those prices to receive a SMS and/or e-mail notification when a target is reached.
  • Graph the prices you are interest in.
  • Set up a list of merchant contacts so you always know who to call.

 The mobile app device allows you to:

  • Synchronise to the data on your web portal in the office.
  • Live pricing.
  • Get all the information you need to make a decision wherever you are.
  • Call the merchant directly from your phone with up-to-date contact information.


As a WA client of MarketAg, you automatically get access to this service. We have already set up an account then, all you have to do is retrieve your password and start using it.


Set up your computer