Current Commodity Prices

(Sourced from GrainMarket)

FX Spot USD Cur 0.7348 0.7221
FX Spot CAD Cur 0.9557 0.9403
Ger 15 B Ger BFED1 FIS 241 - -
Kwi 15 B Kwi BFED1 FIS 245 250
Alb 15 B Alb BFOD1 FIS 258 260
Esp 15 B Esp BAUD1 FIS 276 271
Kwi 15 B Kwi BAUD1 FIS 293 275
Esp 15 C Esp CAN1 FIS 580 592
Kwi 15 C Kwi CAN1 FIS 580 592
Ger 15 C Ger CAN1 FIS 580 592
Kwi 15 C Kwi CAG1 FIS 520 540
Alb 15 C Alb CAG1 FIS 500 515
Esp 15 C Esp CAG1 FIS 520 540
Kwi 15 W Kwi Bs Dec 15 A$/t 41 33
Kwi 15 L Kwi LUP1 FIS 340 340 -
Currency, futures and derivative prices are previous session close.

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GrainCorp changes payment terms

12th Oct 2015

GrainCorp has moved to industry leading five days end of week payment terms.

This will be available on all new contracts from today.

GIWA Oct Report

8th Oct 2015

  • The Grain Industry Association of WA (GIWA) monthly production estimates have been updated.

  • Total grain production was lowered from 15.1mmt to 14.9mmt, given the dry September.

  • All grain production estimates are down slightly from the September forecast.

  • Wheat: 9.0mmt vs. 8.7mmt last year.

  • Barley: 3.2mmt vs. 3.5mmt last year.

  • Canola: 1.5mmt vs. 1.5mmt last year.

  • Oats: 0.59mmt vs. 0.51mmt last year.

  • Lupins: 0.49mmt vs. 0.35mmt last year.

CBH Barley Update

6th Oct 2015

  • CBH will no longer be offering multi varietal barley contracts (Malt-i-flex) for the 15/16 season.

  • From now on only standard multigrade barley contracts will be available (one malt and feed).

  • July nomination and July payment is now only available on fixed grade BFED1 contracts.

  • Harvest nomination and July payment is still offered for all malting grades, with a 3.5% interest component on top of the price per tonne.

Quality Optimisation Update

2nd Oct 2015

CBH have released an update on Quality Optimisation for this coming season.

  • The highest grade on site at the time of delivery is the highest grade a load can achieve if optimised.

  • Mixed variety loads will default to the variety with the lowest class.

  • Grades can only be optimised where the load meets minimum protein - H1 min 12%, H2 min 10.5%, APW1 min 9.5%, APW2 min 9% & ANW1 min 8.5% and max 12.5%.

  • All loads in a lot must be from the same zone.

CBH Freight Rates

2nd Oct 2015

CBH have released freight rate estimates for this coming season.

The final freight rates will be confirmed in February 2016.

To access the freight rates please visit the CBH website.