Current Commodity Prices

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FX Spot USD Cur 0.7864 - -
FX Spot CAD Cur 0.9516 - -
ICE C Fut Spot 452.8 - -
Kwi 14 C Kwi CAN1 FIS 503 - -
Ger 14 C Ger CAN1 FIS 490 - -
Esp 14 C Esp CAN1 FIS 503 - -
Kwi 14 C Kwi CAG1 FIS 470 - -
Esp 14 C Esp CAG1 FIS 470 - -
Alb 14 C Alb CAG1 FIS 460 - -
Kwi 14 L Kwi LUP1 FIS 350 - -
Kwi 14 B Kwi BFED1 FIS 295 - -
Ger 14 B Ger BFED1 FIS 282 - -
Kwi 14 B Kwi BAUD1 FIS 310 - -
Esp 14 B Esp BAUD1 FIS 309 - -
Alb 14 B Alb BFOD1 FIS 293 - -
Currency, futures and derivative prices are previous session close.

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Litmus Barley

28th Apr 2015

  • CBH has confirmed that it will continue to receive the Intergrain Litmus feed barley variety for the 2015-16 harvest and will extend this to all port zones.

  • It is expected to be segregated with feed barley, not in its own stack and no price premium.

  • CBH will also continue to provide extended tolerance on loads above the 1% limit (or 1 grain in 100) for coloured (blue) aleurone (subject to stack average).

Canadian Wheat Board

20th Apr 2015

  • G3 Global Grain Group (a joint venture) has invested in the Canadian Wheat Board.

  • The investment of C$250 million will result in G3 owning 50.1% of CWB. The minority ownership interest will be held in trust on behalf of farmers.

  • G3 is a joint venture between Bunge Canada and SALIC Canada Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company.

Glencore Multi-Variety Contracts

15th Apr 2015

  • Glencore are now offering multi-variety floating spread contracts for barley.

  • Varieties accepted are Hindmarsh, Bass and Scope only. Available in Kwinana and Albany zones only.

  • Up to three varieties are accepted onto one contract in Kwinana; Albany is limited to two varieties per contract.

  • The spread for the malt or Hindmarsh is locked in on the day of first transfer of tonnes onto the contract.

Barley Update - GIWA

10th Apr 2015

  • GIWA updated advice on malting barley varieties.

  • Preferred varieties for 15/16 season are Bass, Scope and Hindmarsh.

  • Baudin/Commander in Kwi zone has limited demand. Minor interest for Baudin in Alb and Esp.

  • Segregations for newer malt varieties Flinders, Granger and La Trobe will be limited (more segregations for La Trobe than Flinders and Granger).

  • Buloke/Gairdner/Vlamingh - 15/16 season is the last harvest they will be segregated in WA (some opportunity may exist in future years for Buloke and Vlamingh in Kwinana only).

  • Remember that even if a variety is accredited as malt, it does not ensure segregations or a malt premium will exist.

ADM Floating Multi-Grade Contract

9th Apr 2015

  • ADM are pricing floating multi grade contracts for wheat and barley in 2015.

  • The base price (BFED1 for barley or APW1 for wheat) are fixed at time of contracting.

  • All other available grades are left floating until time of transfer.

  • Barley contracts are multi-varietal.

  • Contract tonnage must be transferred in full.

  • Minimum size is 100t.