Current Commodity Prices

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FX Spot USD Cur 0.7632 - -
FX Spot CAD Cur 0.9581 - -
Ger 15 B Ger BFED1 FIS 200 - -
Kwi 15 B Kwi BFED1 FIS 211 - -
Alb 15 B Alb BFOD1 FIS 239 - -
Esp 15 B Esp BAUD1 FIS 257 - -
Kwi 15 B Kwi BAUD1 FIS 274 - -
Esp 15 C Esp CAN1 FIS 525 - -
Kwi 15 C Kwi CAN1 FIS 525 - -
Ger 15 C Ger CAN1 FIS 525 - -
Kwi 15 C Kwi CAG1 FIS 475 - -
Alb 15 C Alb CAG1 FIS 470 - -
Esp 15 C Esp CAG1 FIS 470 - -
Kwi 15 L Kwi LUP1 FIS 268 - -
Currency, futures and derivative prices are previous session close.

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CBH Warehouse Advance

26th Apr 2016

  • A loan advance product for growers against old crop grain.

  • Growers commit warehoused grain to CBH and then CBH provides a pre-payment for that grain.

  • Minimum contract size is 100t

  • Growers have until 30th September 2016 to price and nominate grain.

  • Interest rate is 4.8%.

  • Advance Rates:

    • Major Wheat varieties: $200/t

    • AUW1/FED1: $150/t

    • Malt Barley: $180-$200/t

    • BFED1: $150/t

    • Oats and Lupins: $200/t

    • Canola: $300/t

  • If CBH price falls below the advance rate, the contract is automatically priced out.

GIWA Crop Report

19th Apr 2016

  • GIWA has released its April Crop report with 2016 WA crop area estimates.

  • 7.5m ha of crop is expected to be planted this season, up 0.5% from last year.

  • Wheat area is expected to drop by 1.3% this year (4.5m ha).

  • Barley up 1.6% (1.3m ha).

  • Canola up 0.9% (1.2m ha).

  • Oat area is forecast to increase by 13.1% (0.26m ha).

  • Lupins up 7.6% (0.34m ha).

  • Field Peas up 34.8% (0.03m ha).

Industry Update: Glencore

8th Apr 2016

  • Glencore has confirmed a 40% sale in their agricultural products division to a pension fund (the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board) for US$2.5bn. The deal still has a few regulatory hurdles to clear with finalisation possible in late 2016.

  • The sale was prompted by the parent entity of Glencore wanting to reduce debt by the sale of assets. Presumably, this pension fund becomes a silent equity partner.

  • We do not expect any changes in your day to day dealings with Glencore in Australia.

Emerald Payment Terms

31st Mar 2016

  • Emerald payment terms have been shortened to 7 days end of week.

  • This applies to all new and existing contracts.

Merchant Update: COFCO

16th Mar 2016

  • You may notice that the grain merchant Noble has been replaced by COFCO on the portal/App.

  • The code we will utilise on the portal/App is COF.

  • COFCO International Ltd recently purchased Noble Agri Ltd and the company was renamed COFCO Agri.

  • Their payment terms are 14 days end of week.