Current Commodity Prices

(Sourced from GrainMarket)

FX Spot USD Cur 0.762 - -
FX Spot CAD Cur 0.9417 - -
Ger 15 B Ger BFED1 FIS 277 - -
Kwi 15 B Kwi BFED1 FIS 280 - -
Alb 15 B Alb BFOD1 FIS 299 - -
Esp 15 B Esp BAUD1 FIS 308 - -
Kwi 15 B Kwi BAUD1 FIS 330 - -
Esp 15 C Esp CAN1 FIS 575 - -
Kwi 15 C Kwi CAN1 FIS 575 - -
Ger 15 C Ger CAN1 FIS 575 - -
Kwi 15 C Kwi CAG1 FIS 515 - -
Alb 15 C Alb CAG1 FIS 515 - -
Esp 15 C Esp CAG1 FIS 515 - -
Kwi 15 W Kwi Bs Dec 15 A$/t 35 - -
Kwi 15 L Kwi LUP1 FIS 330 - -
Currency, futures and derivative prices are previous session close.

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Pool Update

16th Jun 2015

  • The 2015/16 GrainCorp Pre-Harvest Optimiser Pool is now open, the APW2 EPR is $307/t FOB.

  • AWB have also opened their 2015 Season Starter, estimated returns will now be quoted as a FIS price. The current APW1 EPR is $300/t FIS.

  • The AWB Season Starter closes this Friday the 19th of June.

Noble Barley Prices

11th Jun 2015

  • Noble’s 15/16 barley prices can be either FG or MG with a floating spread.

  • Barley prices are available in Kwinana, Albany and Esperance zones.

  • Malt spreads are locked in on the 1st of October.

  • Accepted grades are Baudin, Buloke, Bass, Commander, Gairdner, Scope, Vlamingh and Hindmarsh.

  • Even though a variety is accepted, it does not guarantee a segregation will be available in the port zone.


10th Jun 2015

  • ABARES have released their June Crop Report, Australia’s total grain crop is expected to rise by 1% this year to 38.7mmt.

  • Australian wheat production is pegged at 23.6mmt, WA production is estimated to increase by 4% to 9.3mmt.

  • Barley production is expected to increase by 3% to 8.2mmt, production in WA is forecast to rise by 8% to 3.3mmt.

  • National canola production is set to drop by 13% to 3mmt. WA’s estimate is expected to drop by 7% to 1.5mmt.

CBH Group launches CBH Fertiliser

4th Jun 2015

The CBH Group has announced that growers will be able to purchase granular fertiliser products direct from CBH this year. CBH will offer limited volume of a select range of fertiliser products using the services of QUBE to coordinate direct collection points close to Kwinana and Geraldton port terminals. Growers will be able to order from August.

14/15 CBH Deferred Contracts

19th May 2015

  • Wheat: prompt delivery/deferred payment available on new contracts, +$1 in Kwi & Esp only. Deferred/deferred available at CBH discretion.

  • Barley/canola/oats: deferred payment/deferred transfer offered on new contracts with no premium.

  • Lupins: deferred payment/deferred transfer offered with no premium at CBH discretion.