Current Commodity Prices

(Sourced from GrainMarket)

FX Spot USD Cur 0.8825 - -
FX Spot CAD Cur 0.988 - -
ICE C Fut Spot 451.6 - -
CBOT W Fut Dec 14 536 - -
14 W Swap AU CBOT Dec 14 224 - -
Kwi 14 C Kwi CAN1 FIS 500 - -
Ger 14 C Ger CAN1 FIS 495 - -
Esp 14 C Esp CAN1 FIS 495 - -
Kwi 14 C Kwi CAG1 FIS 485 - -
Esp 14 C Esp CAG1 FIS 485 - -
Alb 14 C Alb CAG1 FIS 455 - -
Ger 14 W Ger Bs Dec 14 A$/t 79 - -
Kwi 14 L Kwi LUP1 FIS 315 - -
Kwi 14 B Kwi BFED1 FIS 257 - -
Ger 14 B Ger BFED1 FIS 255 - -
Kwi 14 B Kwi BAUD1 FIS 307 - -
Esp 14 B Esp BAUD1 FIS 300 - -
Alb 14 B Alb BFOD1 FIS 287 - -
Currency, futures and derivative prices are previous session close.

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MarketAg Spring Workshop Video is Available

27th Oct 2014

  • A reminder: a video of the MarketAg Spring Workshop is available on the portal.

  • It will take about 15 minutes or so to watch and is a great way to ensure your key skills for grain marketing and logistics are updated for harvest.

  • To access the video on the portal, click on the button in the top right hand corner which says MarketAg Podcasts.

  • You can view it on your iPad or computer.

  • Go to: (NB. there is no www at the front).

ADM Noodles (ANW1)

22nd Oct 2014

ADM have added noodle wheat (ANW1) to their APW2 base multigrade contract in Kwinana and Albany.

CBH Pools

21st Oct 2014

  • The CBH Harvest Pool for wheat opened last week.

  • $280/t FOB is the Estimated Pool Return (EPR).

  • The base grade is APW1, which has the same EPR as APW2 but will receive higher quality payments.

  • ANW1 is at $290/t FOB, with Geraldton at a $10 discount relative to other port zones.

  • The EPR is quoted FOB which includes fobbing costs.

GIWA Crop Report

10th Oct 2014

  • GIWA released their October Crop Report.

  • WA total grain production estimate for the season is 14mmt.

  • The GIWA four year average for WA is 14.4mmt.

  • Wheat production in WA is expected to be 8.3mmt this year (four year average of 8.9mmt).

  • Barley production is 2.97mmt (vs. 3.9mmt last year).

Product Update- AWB NPE

25th Sep 2014

  • AWB have released a product called Market Advantage NPE (No Price Established).

  • The product is another method of accessing working capital and acts as an accumulation tool for the merchant.

  • Allows you to access cashflow at harvest, but price the grain later.

  • Cash advance is 60% of the price on the day of contracting.

  • Commodities: Canola, Wheat and Barley.

  • Final pricing dates: Canola 31st March 2015; Wheat and Barley 30th April 2015.

  • Fees: Canola $5/t; Wheat and Barley $3/t.

  • When finalising the price (before the final pricing date), if AWB are out of the market, they will take the average of the top three bids in the market from other key merchants.