Financial Services Guide

Issue Date: 1 April 2019 v4

For your protection and information the Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act) requires AFS License holders to comply with Good Disclosure Principles. Good Disclosure Principles are designed to provide clients with relevant information about financial products, services provided and advice.

MarketAg Pty Ltd (“MarketAg”), AFS licence number 325936, will provide you with a number of documents. This Financial Services Guide (FSG), outlining services offered by MarketAg, a Letter of Engagement (LOE) detailing the terms of reference under which MarketAg will provide services specific to your business, and a Statement of Advice (SOA) when providing you personal financial product advice. MarketAg may provide you with a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) prepared by the issuer of a financial product you may use.

Who Are We?

MarketAg is an independent group of advisors who provide commodity market and price risk management services in both derivative and physical markets to producers and consumers. Our aim is to provide you with greater control and comfort in your commodity marketing decisions.

MarketAg Authorised Representatives Richard Vincent (AR 237423), Kim Povey (AR 284430), Mark Pontifex (AR 315015) and Reece Duffield (AR 1245066) are located at 19 Lyall Street, South Perth, Western Australia. W Mark Martin (AR 328386) works from the Eastern Australia office at 68 Haydon Street, Murrurndi New South Wales.

What Service are we Authorised to Provide You?

MarketAg Advisors operate as Authorised Representatives of MarketAg Pty Ltd (AFS Licence 325936) and are authorised to offer both general and personal advice on the following products:

  • Derivatives e.g. futures, swaps and options;
  • Foreign Exchange Contracts.

Personal advice takes into account your particular circumstances, such as your objectives, financial situation and needs; general advice does not. MarketAg is not a dealer in respect of derivatives and foreign exchange. MarketAg and its Authorised Representatives can only give you advice and can not place orders on your behalf.

The Responsible Managers under the AFS licence are Richard Vincent, Kim Povey and W Mark Martin. MarketAg Pty Ltd authorises the distribution of this FSG.

How are MarketAg and our Employees Paid?

MarketAg offer a range of services and the charge for these services will be made known to you before engaging MarketAg. The cost of our services will depend on the agreement you finalise with MarketAg and this will be detailed in your Letter of Engagement. Our fees may be based on a $/unit of commodity marketed, an hourly rate, a pre negotiated rate, an annual membership rate or a combination of these. The annual membership programs we offer are payable upon engagement and in advance of receiving the service.

MarketAg Pty Ltd and its Representatives may from time to time receive non-cash benefits with a cash value less than $300. Details of benefits between $100 and $300 will be maintained on a register. These benefits will normally be one off and will not be received from a product provider on a regular basis.

Possible Conflicts of Interest

MarketAg and its Authorised Representatives have no conflicts of interest regarding a recommended product or service.

Keeping your Information Safe

MarketAg maintains information on file including details of your objectives, financial situation and needs. MarketAg also holds records of any recommendations made to you. Our company is committed to implementing and promoting a privacy policy designed to ensure the privacy and security of information. For more information you can request a copy of our privacy statement or view it on line at our web site at MarketAg Pty Ltd may provide correspondence and important disclosures electronically. We will use the email address provided by you for electronic delivery and notifications, including availability of items via a link on our website. You may contact us at any time to request correspondence by another method, such as by post.

What kind of compensation arrangements are in place and are these arrangements complying?

MarketAg Pty Ltd confirms that it has arrangements in place to ensure it continues to maintain Professional Indemnity insurance in accordance with s.912B of the Corporations Act 2001 (as amended). In particular our Professional Indemnity insurance, subject to its terms and conditions, provides indemnity up to the Sum Insured for MarketAg Pty Ltd and our authorised representatives in respect of our authorisations and obligations under our Australian Financial Services Licence. This insurance will continue to provide such coverage for any authorised representative who has ceased work with MarketAg Pty Ltd for work done whilst engaged with us.

What should you do if you have a Complaint?

If at any time you have concerns with the service provided by MarketAg or if any problems or misunderstandings arise, we will try to work things through within the MarketAg framework. However, if the problem cannot be resolved you can utilise our external dispute resolution procedures through the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) with whom we are registered.

The process is:

1. Issue will be reviewed by your advisor who will provide a written report on the proposed resolution.

2. If you feel we have not resolved it satisfactorily, the issue will be reviewed by a director of MarketAg, other than your advisor, who will seek a resolution.

3. If we cannot reach a satisfactory resolution, you can raise your concerns with AFCA on 1800 931 678. MarketAg Pty Ltd is a member of this complaints resolution service. The Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) also has a freecall Infoline on 1300 300 630 which you may use to make a complaint or obtain information about your rights.

How do you do Business with us?

Generally we provide marketing information and recommendations for the sale of your commodities through newsletters, SMS, voice messaging and one to one advice. We rely on you providing information about your business, production, business risks and your marketing goals to achieve this. The terms of understanding for the provision of services by MarketAg will vary between clients. You will receive a letter of engagement that will specify the service MarketAg will provide you, our obligations to you and your responsibilities.

How can you Contact us?

You can contact us by;

  • Calling your Advisor on the number they have provided.
  • Calling one of our MarketAg offices

Western Australia T: 08 6253 2040 F: 08 6253 2044

Eastern Australia T: 02 6746 2155 F: 02 6746 2199

Western Australia PO Box 968 South Perth WA 6951

Eastern Australia PO Box 55 Willow Tree NSW 2339